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Is your sales data driven?

Hey. What’s up with you guys, dear friends and readers? All well? Great! Today we are going to talk about data driven, effective sales. So is your sales banking on research data? If not, we are here to show you the pros of it.

In all honesty, in depth data is a sales person’s or a team’s best buddy. Researched information shows exactly what is working for you, and what isn’t. This alone will help you identify new strategies, new TGs, new expansion locations, etc. Anything that is based on data will be credible.

Following are some of the key things you can achieve as a sales team or person if you are data driven:

1.     Identify patterns, trends, designs, etc.

For example: If your research shows you that are different trends every season, and that there is a demand for your kind of products or services in summer more than at other times, then you need to strategize at going full swing during the time. This data will also help you identify the cause for this spike, and help you look at ways to sustain, if not increase, this trend year after year. Trends not only allow you to look at current market likes, but also lets you forecast future sales numbers for various locations and TGs. Forecasts should never be made on whims and fancies.

2.     Keeps your team motivated and helps you communicate better

Data can actually keep your team motivated. It also aides to better communication within teams that are known for not conversing much. Want to know how? Well, people who do not work in the sales team, including CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CHROs, etc. may not completely understand every sales term. This gives the Sales team to make presentations of numbers and trends to the rest of the departments, because  almost everyone else’s work begins after the sales team’s job is done. The fact that you have to talk about every sale made, every analyses studied, will help your teams improve on internal communication. And, if every sales person has an individual dashboard, then checking it after every closed deal is a huge motivation to keep going.

3.     Start every day and meeting with a dashboard

As mentioned above, dashboards  can be a huge motivational factor in sales, and can accelerate yours and your team’s success. It is a brilliant idea to start every day and meeting by taking a close look at them. A well informed dashboard helps focus on the critical factors of success and business growth.

4.     Metrics and numbers help to remain consistency

Data will keep your sales performance consistent. Even if every one in the sales team has a different approach and strategy, data makes sure that everyone is on the same page. Each team member understands the common goals, no matter what path is taken to achieve the set aims. Data ensures that even if the person handling a particular sales area changes, the manner of tackling a particular trend remains consistent.

So, don’t let your company, especially your sales team, miss out on making it big. Become data enabled today and see your sales soar to new heights. Did you know that our team at Intellika Technologies can help you achieve greater sales with CRMnextWell, that’s true. We are CRM specialists. We have the right technology to manage all your customer related processes. And, our goal is to constantly endeavor towards a fulfilling user experience. CRMnext is a detailed yet, easy-to-use, customer relationship management solution. Its features and functionalities are capable of completely enabling companies to manage and enhance customer facing operations, and sales is one of our strongest area. Get in touch with us today. Cheers!

Team Intellika

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