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Integrating HRMS with social media for better results

Organizations are often worried about allowing their employees to communicate via social media sites at the workplace. They feel their employees will only waste time texting friends and not do anything productive. While this worry is justified, there are ways to introduce social media apps and monitor the internal employee communication as well through a good HR software solutions. This middle path is better than banning its use completely and creating discord at the workplace.


Advantages of social media communication at work

There are a lot of advantages associated with allowing employees to use social media at work, within limits. Social media apps can be used to connect with clients as well as people from other departments. Today, a lot of companies are opting for integrating social media with their HRMS online and encouraging their employees to be active on social media sites.


Social media isn’t just a tool for keeping in touch with friends and family any more. Companies are increasingly starting to use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for recruiting employees, for sales and marketing, to provide CRM and to keep in touch with international clientele.


HRMS should be integrated with social media. This has many plus points like:


·         Communication channel with employees: There are so many times a day when messages need to be passed on to certain employees and having to individually email each one can be a real headache! To make communication easier, you could make use of Twitter, LinkedIn and even Facebook and have them follow the company page to know what is happening internally, within the organization. For this to happen successfully, however, social profiles of employees should be integrated with the best human resource software deployed by an expert company.


·         Social recruitment: Gone are the days when we would rifle through magazines and newspapers to find potential candidates for recruitment. Today, everything has gone digital! You will find that most companies simply go through LinkedIn and Twitter profiles in order to find suitable employees.


Since a lot of people search for jobs via social media sites, ignoring social recruitment is not a viable option. In fact, today, a lot of HR departments are integrating HRMS software in India with social media.


·         It helps with data security: Contrary to popular belief integrating social media with HRMS actually helps with data security as it is easy to find out which employee is breaking company protocol by tracking their social communication. Also, if personal accounts are being used, you could make your employees sign non-disclosure agreements.


·     Social analytics: Also, social analytic software can be integrated into a top HR software system and can help you to find useful tactical information about your employee base. For example, it can help you to identify which employees should be sent for further training and development sessions.


Social analytics can also be used as a means of testing products before they are launched. Many companies ask their employees to try their products and offer their suggestions and describe what experience they had using the product.


·     Make employee-HR relationship more transparent: Many employees within the organization feel that the HR department works in mysterious and secretive ways. This can actually be a problem for the company when there is no proper rapport between the employees and their HR representatives.


By integrating HRMS with social media from a reputed technology partner, important announcements and reminders can be communicated via social media and it becomes easier for sharing of information and transparency within the organization.



 Team Intellika

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