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Improve online collaboration with HRMS


Is your HRMS portal not doing too much for your organization? Do you feel that your competitors are doing better because their internal communication channels are more effective than yours? It may be time to bring in a tech expert. They will help you overhaul your HRMS tools and integrate it with social media in order to encourage online collaboration. This can help your employees to connect easily with peers and boost productivity.


Online collaboration enables employees to effectively share information across teams and across departments without being tied down by too many formal procedures. In order to increase efficiency, your HRMS online should be taking care of the following collaborative tasks:


·         Adding an element of ‘gamification’- Gamification or the process of adding game-like elements to a difficult task can make it more enjoyable. A modern HR software solutions for business should include gamification in order to create an inspiring, competitive yet friendly work culture for employees. It can encourage employees to complete tasks on time, be open to learning new things and contribute to problem solving sessions.


·         Sharing knowledge with other departments - For true collaboration within the organization, the web based HR software should allow employees to easily share information internally -from one department to another- without having to go through a number of complex procedures. When information is not shared effectively, a silo mentality can set in. This can harm the efficiency and productivity of the whole organization and reduce employee morale.


·         Social recruitment - This isn’t just another typical technical jargon anymore. Companies are increasingly using social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to find suitable candidates with required education, qualities and work experience to join their companies. Hence, it becomes important to ensure that the HRMS is integrated with social media properly. Also, the HR department can collaborate effectively with other departments during recruitment campaigns making use of social media through the HRMS.


·         Organizational socialization or onboarding – Effective HR software solutions should provide new recruits with all the necessary initial information about the company and its background. The HRMS can also help with basic procedural work and the filling of forms for administrative records.


·         Collaborative training through HRMS - An effective HRMS should enable employees to gain access to standard training modules and their assessments after completing the module. By integrating social media with HR management software, employees can easily discuss their experience with the training modules with other employees from different departments and monitor each other’s progress.  This can help to boost enthusiasm for the training program and inspire employees to give it their all while participating.


If your current HRMS system does not have integrated online collaboration features, it is quite useless and will do nothing productive for your company. It is best to hire a professional HRMS consultant who can figure out your requirements and customize your existing HRMS system to suit your business needs.


If, however, you’re just choosing to purchase a top HR software system tool from a trustworthy technology solutions partner, find out if it easily enables online collaboration between employees and whether it operates using cloud computing system. This is crucial for effective and efficient online collaboration and organizational communication.

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