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HRMS Performance Management System - Software

Hello readers. How have you been? Did you enjoy the long weekend? We bet you did. So if you are employed and have just returned from a long holiday; one that was supposed to refresh you, but has instead tired you and made you a little lethargic, it is time to shake the laziness off. You might want to argue saying “It is okay”, “Thoda laziness to chaltahai”, etc. But, hey, do you realize that your performance is being studied and analyzed? Well, you should.

Today, we’ll talk to you about Performance Management in the HRMS software. Do you recall what we told you about the Big Bang in technology with the birth of HRMS? We told you that “this software is considered a basic entity, or rather a necessity in HR departments across all organizations in every single industry, solely because hiring and recruitment is the most basic need of any company – whether big or small.” This basic entity and necessity is a complete package and also micro-watches over employees of a company.

Here is how it works. According to a popular HR glossary, Performance Management is defined as “an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and an employee that occurs throughout the year, in support of accomplishing the strategic objectives of the organization. The communication process includes clarifying expectations, setting objectives, identifying goals, providing feedback, and reviewing results.”

The most basic and essential objective of Performance Management is to enhance employee efficiency and to promote that as the company’s growth. It is a constant process that sometimes work in year long cycles. Here, employees along with their managers work together towards building a plan or strategy, to overview and review an employee's aims or objectives at work, and his/her general, regular contribution to the company.

The following are some things an effective Performance Management System will be and do:

      ·         Be specific to jobs while it covers a wide range of a company’s jobs
·         Aligned with the company’s vision and culture
·         User friendly, actually dumb friendly
·         Analyses individual employee’s performance
·         Has a process in place to help set goals
·         Measures and monitors the behavior and work of an employee
·         Gives a positive feedback on an achievement, and also gives a feedback for improvement where necessary
·         Offers training for improvement
·         Helps an employee build his strategy based on the company’s vision
·         Performance feedback are consistent and regular
·         Supports employees to achieve their career goals,identifies training needs, and develops opportunities for better growth
·         Aides the administration to make decisions about compensations, rewards, promotions, terminations, etc.
·         In case of legal scenarios, the system also provides legal documentation

These are only some of the things the Performance Management System of the HRMS software can do. It is capable of so much more.

There is absolutely no reason why an employer should not seriously look at installing the Performance Management feature. It is so effective, and reduces the pain of the HR department. With this system in place, the HR department can focus on hiring and other issues, while it leaves the checking, planning, strategizing, and follow-up of every employee’s performance on the system.

So, dear employed people. Are you still feeling lazy and yawning away at work? Well, you now know that the Performance Management System is watching, dontcha?

Until next time, goodbye!

Team Intellika

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