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How To Choose Mobile App Management Product For Secure Business Apps

Enterprise mobility solutions in India is rapidly gaining grounds in the business sector. Now both the employees and the employer can stay connected to crucial business data 24 x 7 through their mobile devices. And that is where the issue of data security rears its ugly head. While considering the security of highly confidential enterprise data, IT security professionals will have two significant options.

·         They can choose to secure the entire device through MDM or Mobile Device Management.

·         They can just protect the company apps with MAM or Mobile Application Management process.

There is no denying the critical importance of business data security. Therefore, you must be very careful while selecting the most appropriate mobile application management product for your enterprise apps. Want to know how? Then read on…

Check the compatibility

When developed by reputed mobile app development company in India, MAM solutions prove to be highly beneficial for enterprises working with Bring-Your-Own- Device policies. However, it is highly important to let the application live inside the Mobile Application Management container. As a business owner, you will need to ensure that your MAM solution exhibits perfect compatibility with the device used by your employees. So, prior to investing in your MAM products, check whether they have undergone the ‘app wrapping’ process or SDK integrations.

Run app demos

While searching for highly functional apps in the app stores, users might often come across the original versions of the app along with their MAM-specific counterparts. But that does not mean that both of them offer the same functionality. Considering the expense of MAM integrations, most of the app developers take the outsourcing route in this context. In a nutshell, it is a different person maintaining the MAM version of your apps. As a result, there are fewer possibilities for your application to have all the latest and up-to-date features. Running a demo can prove to be the smartest move here.

Have necessary backup plans

After the release of new OS update, MAM-specific applications might behave in an unusual way. For avoiding that, the MAM-integrations must take place along with the SDK integrations of the original app. Truly speaking, that is not the case always. MAM-integrations often take a backseat. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you have all the necessary plans accounting for such delayed updates.

Help users download original versions

There is completely no assurance to the fact that users will opt for the protected MAM-version of your business app. Those already using an existing application developed by mobile application development companies in Mumbai will continue using it and not the MAM-protected ones. So, it is imperative to strategically drive users towards installing the MAM-versions of apps and not the original one.

Select the right provider

Selection of the mobile app management provider is a crucial task. Remember, apps within a particular MAM container will not be compatible with an entirely different container. The switching process is highly complicated. The admin needs to uninstall the container from user’s device, and they further need to re-download the brand new container, which is too cumbersome to perform.

With these vital tips in mind, you can successfully select the right MAM products that secure your business apps perfectly.

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