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How are Big Data and CRM connected


With the present age being termed as the “age of information technology”, there is no doubt that a lot of data is being generated every single minute, both on and offline. It is foolish to reject this data as trash as they hold the huge potential of generating a greater volume in business over little time. But the benefit of this big data remains in the fact that they have to be converted into smart data and utilized in the best possible way to yield valuable insights. The important hurdle here is to know how to extract the important and useful information and utilize them!


How Big Data can be helpful for SMBs?

In the sea of big data remains hidden the information about a client- the company name, nature of business, short and long term targets, requirements generated recently, and so on. These details can help a lot in contacting the client to get leads that can later on be converted to sales. If it is possible for a small and medium business (SMB) concern to extract these details and further utilize them, their business can grow manifold in little time. In order to achieve this exponential growth, a SMB has to thus rely on big data management.


However, here come the tougher steps- to extract the useful information and to manage them. Any software can definitely help in this by fetching the bit of details that can be helpful accurately and then process the same to generate leads. The use of efficient Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software USA can do this in a satisfactory way.


How CRM software is related to Big Data

The volume as well as velocity of generation of the big data is difficult to manage. The use of software can do this better than other manual ways. Linking a CRM For Sales and marketing with Big Data analytics can result in amazing outcomes in business. The CRM software can extract valuable data on company name, nature and field of interest, recent purchases, desires to procure more items in the recent future, etc. from the big data available online every day. It can even go ahead to use these leads and send out emails, SMSs and other ways to communicate with the clients, thereby generating interest in them to get back. Initiation of such a two way interaction can lead to conversion of the leads into sales, exactly what is aimed at!


How useful is the CRM software?

Dynamics CRM online 2016 software comes at nominal price, and is also user friendly. There is literally no need to have a dedicated IT team behind it, and for troubleshooting, an efficient after-sales team is always there. With the help of the software, any SMB can get hold of useful or rather smart data from the gamut of big data and use it to their benefits. This is definitely a far more efficient way to grow more in little time. CRM software can thus convert the big data into a smaller and easier to manage set of smart data for a SMB to grow fast!


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