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How a secure chat app boosts workplace productivity

It is difficult to imagine the smooth running of business operations without proper communication and collaboration channels. Thankfully, today one can find several means of communicating at workplace for official conversations on a regular basis. Instant messaging is one of the best among others as voted by most employees and it is observed that in a secured enterprise, a corporate chat app developed by an iPhone Application Development Company in India can do lots of good to improve workplace productivity. Here’s how:

Real time conversation with co-workers: Chat apps developed by mobile application development companies in Mumbai enable employees to converse on real time, anywhere, anytime with anyone within premises. A secured chat application eliminates distance barriers and boosts up productivity because quick responses from the other side are always obtained timely.Chat applications developed by custom Android development services in USA enable employees to backup conversations for easy record keeping and retrieval if needed.

Secured and personalized: Especially in a BYOD environment, where every employee is at office, with his or her own laptop/PDA/Mobile chat apps can ensure personalization and provide security while conversation is on. For interoffice conversations, one does not need to be in front of office laptop and can highly communicate within personal space to others with proper security features. Several functions can be integrated within secure messaging mobility solutions that protect sensitive information to increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction as well.

Sharing becomes easier: File Sharing is a basic feature of enterprise mobile app development cross platform these days. Through online chat applications one can share any official document at ease among groups, for official reasons, which can be viewed by everyone without any delay. This enables one to take instant decisions that ensures better productivity within organization.

Better than emails  or other means of communications: Emails are long and difficult to search at the time of need, whereas chat application are the best application development software to access on mobile phones and make a ready reference as well. Sending emails doesn’t mean the receiver would read it instantly whereas with chat apps, the response can be obtained within seconds. Groups can be formed through such chat apps and one can easily find out what others are saying, without referring to long trailing mails within few moments.Employees can form their own networks through chat apps and segregate them as per requirement.

Interdepartmental communication made easy: It’s easy to communicate among employees of other departments taken within the instant messaging group and thus information can be passed quickly at ease. This helps organizations to manage projects easily because customized chat apps can create separate sessions for every single project, and discussions can be done all throughout among each other without any interruptions.

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