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Google Apps for work: the interactive ones


Hello readers. It’s been some time since we have begun writing to keep you updated about all the latest introductions in the world of technology. We have, from the beginning, maintained a serious tone while interacting you. But now, we think it is time to change that. So, taking off one lighter note, today we are going to talk to you about interactive apps by Google, especially those that help you communicate, keep in touch, and market your product and service well. Google apps work fine on the tablet, phone, and desktop gadgets alike.


1.       Gmail – Google’s email app

The Gmail app is a great work app for all kinds of corporate communication, sales, and marketing. It is extremely user friendly, and one wouldn’t take more than a few minutes to figure it all out.

·         Unread messages appear in bold, which you simply have to click on to open

·         Unlike in most email apps, replies to emails and messages are automatically grouped into one single thread together, making it easier to keep track of, and to reduce the Inbox from cluttering

·         You can choose whether you want replies to group into conversations or not. All you have to do is to click on the Gear icon,go to Settings in your Inbox’s upper-right corner, and on the General tab, scroll down to Conversation View

·         It is easy to generate email Signature by going to Settings ->General ->Signature

·         Create Labels by going to the Labels icon on the left hand side

And the list is long, but really simple. You can do so many things on this easy-to-use email app.


2.       Hangouts – Google’s app for conversations in the form of messages, voice and / or video meetings

This is the perfect app for all your work conversations that require minimum text, or the use of audio and video.

·         Meet and greet your coworkers and customers face-to-face

·         Conduct HD video meetings with your entire team from anywhere, anytime

·         It is easy to use whether for text messages, audio conversations, or video chats

·         It has a built-in screen sharing available for free

·         With the Hangout On Air, you can make a publicannouncement or demonstration of a new product

·         A Hangout meeting can be added to your Google calendar

·         Ability to limit access to external participants, turnoff chat history, eject participants, etc. to ensure privacy


3.       Google+ - Google’s social platform

The perfect option and platform for great networking and sharing, Google+ is the social layer across all of Google's services, where users are allowed to share their identities, photos, videos, interests, causes, etc.

·         Create the Google profile (the ultimate social profile) here

·         Add people to Circles, and control who sees what you share

·         Join Communities to get together with like-minded people

·         Share photos and make every moment more memorable

·         Plan future get together, and share photos of it happening, all in one place

·         Read Reviews of places you wish to know about from people you trust

There are so many other apps that Google has gifted to our times. Here’s just a glimpse of some of them, the most interactive ones. Keep an eye out for this space and you will hear from us regularly, every now and then.

That’s all for now. Until we meet you again, keep fit and stay technologically updated. Cheers!

Team Intellika

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