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Get Your Business On Cloud With These Apps

Why to burden your on-premises server by storing huge data files when you have another great option. Yes, it is the cloud computing systems letting you do that. Not only does it helps you in globalizing your workforce, but also proves to be highly beneficial in streamlining your business functions. Be it CRM on Cloud, or CRM for sales, the potential is limitless yet highly rewarding for those who choose enterprises cloud solutions.

Check out some highly functional apps that take your business to the cloud.

Project management cloud-based apps

Imagine communicating with your entire workforce without having to send emails continuously. The idea itself is highly empowering and liberating. For achieving that, you require the highly functional cloud-based project management apps for your business. Such apps enhance firm productivity by promoting collaboration and cooperation between the workforces of a particular firm. Tasks can be assigned, and decisions can be taken, irrespective of the employee's’ location.

For the best experience, you can place reliance on Asana, a cloud-based project management app that offers a gamut of cloud-based benefits sans the price tag.

Cloud-based invoicing apps

Issuing invoices happen to be another crucial task for enterprises. And this particular business function requires profound mathematical knowledge. Now, if you are one of those great mathematicians in the making, then perhaps you do not require any external assistance. But in case you are not, then the cloud-based invoice tracking apps will be your perfect partners.

Of late, cloud-based invoicing applications such as Invoice Ninja take care of the complete invoice creation and distribution process. Moreover, it happens to be mobile-responsive and performs greatly even on mobile devices.

Virtual business cards on cloud

Until this day, exchanging physical business cards happens to be a significant way of doing business. Especially, in some of the work cultures, this particular practice is completely entrenched. Steer clear of such traditional practices and take your enterprise to the cloud. With the availability of cloud-based business cards, you can effectively popularize your business alongside ensuring the conservation of resources.

One such unique cloud-based solution is, which helps you transform your business homepage into shareable format. With customized layouts, intro blurb, links and contact info, you can perfectly share diverse combinations of your contact information with the person you wish too. Additionally, you can also save other virtual business cards.

Cloud-based CRM

A Customer Relationship Management application is one of the biggest requirements for every business. Rather than learning the art of perfect CRM, you can opt for cloud-based CRM apps such as Microsoft Dynamic CRM. It’s easy-to-use nature, and intuitive interface makes it the perfect choice for every potential business.

Cloud-based business voice-call apps

There is no denying the importance of a robust telephone network for your enterprise. Rather than relying on PSTN, you can opt for the cloud-based apps for a more dedicated business phone network. While searching for the most effective cloud-based voice call apps, you will come across quite a few options in the market. And all of them considerably differ in features and functionality. Be judicious and choose the one that will effectively perform all the load-shifting for you.

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