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Gain Massive Advantage with your Customer Data

It is no news that collecting data about customer through CRM For Cloud based ERP, media and social channels help in increasing your brand’s efficacy. However the increased number of channels and varying types of media makes it complex to collect customer data and act upon it. While we may employ the ABC of high impact CRM for sales (Analytics, Big Data and cloud), there are challenges on this front too. Also these ABCs are just a small part of a larger picture. Hence we need to have a more all-round approach when using customer data to achieve unbeatable competitive advantage.

Let’s look at some ways in which we can accomplish this challenging business task –

1. Make Big Data your friend – With the average customer producing around 200 exabytes of information every year, it becomes very important to ensure smart data collection that gives you maximum RoI on your marketing efforts. For this, you need to ensure that you separate the wheat from the chaff and utilize only the relevant information from your Web based CRM Software. Some ways in which this can be done include –

·         Setting geographic filters

·         Prioritizing corporate web domains over general ones

·         Filtering by time of making contact (to weed out very old entries)

·         Type of social channels that mention your brand

2. Define business objectives – The trends, patterns and obvious insights from the above point will help you frame appropriate business objective based on demand signals and customer preferences. Most of the prevalent data sources of today (mobility, web, email, social, sales conversion trends, and purchase history) will help you build your business goal with target customer needs. Some ways to do this include –

  • Welcome – Personalizing and accelerating the on-boarding process by sharing custom login and password and tutorials on how to get started
  • Discounts – Adding discounts and offers as your promotions will help in hooking the customers further

3. Highest degree of personalization – Customer engagement is directly proportional to the degree of customization you offer when interacting with them. With the data gathered in above two points on your CRM For Cloud based ERP, you can use it to craft personalized marketing campaigns that is meaningful and relevant to the customer. So if it is a US based customer, you can entice him/ her with Black Friday or Christmas Eve sale. But for India based segment, your marketing campaign can be intense during Diwali. These campaigns can include PoS, messaging, emails or even landing pages.

4. Use the prowess of technology – Marketing automation tools such as Intellika’s CRM suite of tools really propel your marketing strategies and keep you one step ahead of the competition. Used along with an analytic tool, technology can help you improve your coverage, influence and impact at the right time and right place. Automation can also help you to store, track and analyze leads data, form submissions, campaign performance data, repeat purchases, new accounts, and email conversion data.  

Other forms of customer servicing enhancements on Web based CRM Software will include optimizing other point of contact such as alerts, live chats, and use of tech support. If you know of any other form of gaining competitive advantage using CRM data, do share with us and we will be happy to know.

Team Intellika 

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