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Essentials of Quality Assurance

QA has been relegated secondary position as one of the aspects after development work has been done. Many programmers believe that their product is far too superior for testing. But it has been proven time and again that improperly tested product launches have always resulted in catastrophic disasters for the owners, developers, and investor. Looking at the criticality of the situation from a business standpoint, QA has to be accorded a fair share of serious investment of time and efforts in order to deliver a stellar product launch. Though underappreciated, QA is crucial for any website erstwhile to its unveiling, and it is something which all the service providers should take very seriously.

Quality assurance is put at a very fickle position in the entire software development lifecycle. Developers think that everything is working and every possible situation has been accounted for. This ensures that the product does exactly what it was designed for and appeals to the target audience with its features, looks, and functionality.

Essential Points Of Quality Assurance:

For all the newbies out there, here are few fundamental points that web developers can use afore the induction of the website.

·         Knowing the requirements:

Before testing is done, we QA testers are supposed to know what to look for in the web page along with what browsers that will support the web page. The primary stage is to go through the assignment’s necessities and list out the precise features to test.

·         Browsers are to be tested:

Testing the browser is one the essential constituents of performing QA in a web page. Keeping track of the browser and its version while executing the test will ensure that older browsers too are accounted for in your process.

·         Keep it different:

Appoint a novice, who has not seen or gone through the site. If you have been working on the same web page for weeks, then you might not be able to find mistakes as compared to someone who is looking at it and reviewing it for the first time.

·         Test should be conducted on different display or operating systems:

If your target is universal, your testing should also be universal. The web page’s capability can be authenticated only when testing is done on diverse screen resolutions and operating system.

·         Try breaking it:

How about doing something contrary to expected behavior and see how the page or site reacts to such anomalies. We have seen live cases where a mobile app accepted only 9 out of 10 digits of the customer’s number and even started deducting payment for in-app purchases! All because the testing didn’t factor that the mobile number field has to have 10 digits!

·         Conduct a test again:

Surprised? Believe me, this point will save you the blues later on. A re-test has to be conducted after all the hitches have been addressed. This ensures that everything is perfect at the end.

Have any other point that is a critical part of your QA checklist? Do write in with your comments and let us know.

Team Intellika 

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