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Ensure Testing Is Done Early On In Software Development

With technology taking giant strides towards development, every single sector is reaping the benefits of the latest technological innovations. Business software programs such as Cloud based ERP happen to be one of those innovations that catapult potential businesses to the peak of success. Therefore, there is no denying the fact that business software programs are destined to enhance the convenience of users. Because of this their product should be defect free. And that is the prime reason to undergo software testing. As one of the integral processes in the SDLC or software development life cycle, proper testing ensures bug and error-free software programs for you. Check out some advantages offered by testing early on in SDLC.



According to the SDLC, testing happens to occur after planning, analysis and design and coding or construction. However, the golden principles of software testing state, that performing software testing at the beginning of SDLC will prove to be a highly cost-effective decision. Most of the errors showing up in the testing phase have their roots in the design or requirement stage. Therefore, performing testing at the beginning will result in their fast removal.

Cheap and easy bug-fixing

Bug-fixing is a highly significant function of the Software Development Life cycle. And once they reach the later phases of the SDLC, fixing them can prove to be an expensive affair. Early testing ensures cheap bug-fixing. Almost 50% less than the expenses incurred during the actual testing process. Additionally, bugs detected at the earlier stages are easily fixable too.

Perfect anticipation of future bugs

Another significant benefit of early software testing is it helps in the anticipation of future bug issues. By performing software testing in the requirements phase, software testing experts can identify future bugs at low costs.

Developing familiarity

Software testing performed at an earlier stage of SDLC help testers develops more familiarity with the software program such as CRM For Sales or HRMS software India. As they spend longer hours with the software program during its evolution period, they automatically develop increasing familiarity with it.

Getting prepared to combat unknown risks

By performing software testing early on in the SDLC, testers get ample time to create the test environment. As the most desired result, severe delays do not occur, and the testers can prepare themselves for combating unknown risks. And they will have the adequate time to do that.

The benefit of time

There are times when the testing team runs short of time and are unable to perform proper software testing. Quite inevitably, such situations inflict fatal blows on the quality of the product, and it gets launched without proper testing. Performing software testing during the early phases of the SDLC will prove to be highly beneficial, in this context. Testers will have enough time, and there will be increased test coverage.

Preventing future code failures

Test cases identified and segregated during the early phases of the software development life cycle are shareable with the software development team. As the most desired outcome, developers have the liberty of planning effective strategies for the prevention of future bugs in their codes. And conceiving such plans before the software building stage will prove to be greatly advantageous to both the developer and the user.

In a nutshell, performing software testing during the early phases of the SDLC will result in the development of a quality and highly functional software program.

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