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Ecommerce benefit with Social Login

Social login is a blessing to further the convenience in today’s time crunched era. It has various names, and is sometimes called social sign-in or social sign-up too. It is a simple-to-use feature, and comes handy when one wants to sign-up or login using an existing social media or networking platform like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. This helps the user save time by not compelling him/her to fill a whole new form. Doing so every single time, for every single website or platform, irritates the user and can lead to a huge loss in consumer base.

This feature is considered a gateway to a lot of recent trends in the social scenario, and is effective both to authenticate and authorize. One of the major places where social login is used and loved, is for eCommerce. Let us take a look at 5 benefits of it:

1.       No fatigue of creating, managing, and remembering new profiles each time

This point is self-explanatory. We have all been through this pain, and we can relate to it. But if we were to talk numbers, a 2012 study shows (the numbers would definitely have grown by now) that 94% of people using the Internet log in between 1 to 5 user accounts daily. 80% have certain accounts that they use only a few times every month. 65% find it a burden to handle passwords. And, 30% say that they sometimes forget important passwords. No wonder everyone wants a social login option.

2.       Users are open to the feature now, than they would have been in the past

A good 30% people have said that handling passwords have become more difficult now, than before, and it is just getting worse. 37% said that they would login to a website if they had the social login option. 23% people who did not use social media also said they would prefer the feature.

3.       eCommerce companies get the social data visitors into their CRM

Our generation is a social media savvy one. Users now, provide way too much data about themselves on social networks, which they also constantly update. This can be captured by companies, from their websites into their CRM software.

4.       Personalization on the eCommerce sites adds to user experience

Taking data like full name or nickname, photograph, etc. from users’ social networking sites, eCommerce websites can personalize and customize their sites to increase user experience. Also, by looking at the users’ online activity, stores offer relevant and enticing offers that usually converts into an online order, more often than not. And depending on their location, nearby promotions too pop up, or show up as ads on these sites.

5.       eCommerce shoppers end up becoming promoters too

The coolest part of using social logins for eCommerce websites and shops are that it is free advertisement. Shoppers have the tendency to share their latest online purchase on social networks using the integrated social share options. Reviews of products they buy or services they opt for from the website can also be shared across social networks. All this while experts believe that the use of social media functions and especially online shopping are only in their infancy still.

So these are some of the benefits that eCommerce companies garner because of social login. That’s all for now. Goodbye and cheers!

Team Intellika

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