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Developing Tomorrow’s workforce today

Hello and welcome back friends and readers. Today’s topic is one that is important not only for our time and day, but is also crucial for the times to come. It is all about developing tomorrow’s workforce today. Is all about how to build a business model that will sustain the tests of time, demography, geography and more.

Now, developing tomorrow’s workforce today is as inevitable for the growth of your business as breathing is to life. It requires a really early start. In fact it has to be part if the foundation that is laid for your company. As an organization, you must offer proactive training and knowledge-based sessions to your employees, and that will result in long-term improvements and lasting consequences among many other things.

A company’s success depends a lot on how trained, up-to-dated, and prepared its workforce is for the coming times. If every business owner took the trouble to educate its own set of employees, an entire nation gets educated and fit. The FOUR most important things a company, region, or nation must do to achieve a successful workforce is to 1) INFORM, 2) ATTRACT, 3) DEVELOP, and 4) RETAIN its people. This will ensure an improved supply of motivated and appropriately skilled labor at all levels, will produce an innovative, skilled, and educated class of citizens/employees, and give birth to well performing work environments that uses the best of affordable innovation and technology.

Let’s take a walk through the FOUR ways in which one can keep its workforce motivated and educated, preparing it for tomorrow.

1)     INFORM

Information is key. Without it, one would not know what to do or where to go. In order to keep the workforce informed and updated about learning, career, employment choices, business means, etc. a company, region, or country must be well informed first. Reliable and timely information about the people you wish to educate and the issues they face will enable you to plan the kind of information and education you need to impart.

2)     ATTRACT

While information is one major aspect, attraction is another. Information is needed when you need to train a set of people to learn something new, and be better skilled. But there is also a set of people who are already skilled and ready to start without an additional training. They could live and work locally or elsewhere. As a company, region, or country, you need to identify ways of effectively attracting them to join you for your short-term or long-term requirements.

3)     DEVELOP

Development is change, and change is the only constant in life. As much as it sounds cheesy, it is truthful. It is important for those in-charge to think about developing the skills and knowledge of its workforce. It is a necessity and will help to not only create, but also sustain the performance, while continuing to bring prosperity. With a better and more stable economy, the future will demand an evolved, a more educated, and a holistically developed set of people with higher levels of qualifications and specializations, making them increasingly important for their skill sets and the market’s needs. For these reasons, one must be ready with an array of colleges and universities, educational opportunities, new literacy skills, trade knacks, training opportunities, flexible work environments, appropriate work hours, etc. Keeping these in mind, a company, region, or country must build a strategy for the development of its workforce, technology, innovative processes, professional practices, and more.

4)     RETAIN

Retention is a problem area everywhere. With multiple options to choose from, today’s workforce is not worried about jumping from one employer to another for better forms of reimbursement. And, because of this, employers need to pay extra attention at retaining skilled people, after all the trouble taken to inform, attract, and develop them. In order to assist your needs of retention, you may need to ensure that workplaces and communities are vibrant places to work and live in.

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Team Intellika

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