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Cross platform Mobile applications

Dearest readers and friends. Do you remember that we recently told you about the importance of Mobility in E-commerce Business? Well, we sincerely hope most of you – eCommerce infants, toddlers, and adolescents – have starting working on your mobile apps.

Talking of apps, would you want to know 9 of the most useful mobile development tools available that you need to know about. Stating them in no particular order, here we go:

1.       Appcelerator is a platform that allows developers to write their JavaScript codes using its Alloy MVC framework. This comes handy and makes this tool a personal favorite, because most developers are already comfortable working with JavaScript, and have no problems using Appcelerator. The tool also offers a private cloud option. It comes with the assistance of performance management,analytic, and infrastructure monitoring.

2.       SAP has been around for long. The biggest problem with this tool is that its solutions can get confusing at times. Though this one, cross-platform mobile apps can be built using HTML5.

3.       Sencha has a variety of tolls that can be used to develop cross platform applications. Using its Sencha Animator,Sencha Architect,Ext JS 5, and other tools, developers can build apps using HTML5. Because it id HTML focused, it can be run across browsers and touch devices.

4.       5App is a comparatively new player. The tool lets developers build cross platform apps using JavaScript and HTML5. The great thing about 5App is that it also has an app store service that lets a company’s IT dept. create a curated app store, which is then used internally for employees only.

5.       Konytoo offers a range of multiple tools to help developers build cross platform apps, all using a single code base. It has features like drag and drop, reusable widgets, and is able to import or export third party data. Its mobile platform allows multiple middle ware tools and cloud services to function alongside one another.

6.       Xamarin is growing rapidly, and has become very popular among developers across the globe. Since launching the second version, this tool and the company is among the leaders in cross platform mobile app building.

7.       PhoneGap is famous in the development circles, and there is no denying that. Now owned by Adobe, this tool works on Apache Cordova, an open source,and is completely free. The enterprise version, however,is proud of its marketing features that can be performed through Adobe’s Marketing Cloud.

8.       FeedHenrylets enterprise and developers otherwise build Android,iOS, and Windows Phone applications through clouds and on-premises that are available freely. It uses Node.js and a MongoDB-backed database, and that’s the reason for it fast scaling network applications.

9.       iFactris an easy-to-use tool, designed mainly to quickly build apps. It allows companies to create prototypes so that companies can check them internally. It uses the Xamarin platform to compile all its native apps on both Android and iOS.

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