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Comparing Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has gained rapid ground in user base from Salesforce over the last few years. From 2014 onwards, the new age CRM solution is adding a slew of functionalities to help businesses stay competitive in the long term. This progress has not gone unnoticed in the world of technology and business. Gartner too has placed Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a Leader in its "Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation" report.


Customers are choosing Microsoft dynamics over salesforce mainly because of its cost effectiveness, familiar Microsoft office experience, available in both on cloud and on premise, Interface Customizations and many more let’s take a detailed look:


1.       Packaging difference- The best part about Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the ease of integrating a rich suite of features with the software. Their core package, the Dynamics CRM Online Professional, provides useful functionalities for both sales teams as well as operations service teams.

2.       Comprehensive features – The Dynamics CRM Online Professional provides a host of features that are not found in one single package in Salesforce. These include a robust social customer service, web chat feature, and a great ticketing module that helps in logging, tracking, and assessing issues.

3.       In-house strength – For organizations that deal in sensitive data, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great way to keep your hosting in-house and thus maintain the integrity and safety of your confidential data.

4.       Implementation flexibility – Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a host of deployment options, thus widening the feasibility of the product in organizations across different size or scale. Microsoft Dynamics CRM presents its CRM solution completely in-house, fully on cloud, or even provide a hybrid model that lets you decide what to keep in-house and what to deploy on the cloud

5.       Incredible integration – Microsoft is undoubtedly the preferred suite of technology solutions for many companies for multiple needs. Be it calculations or analysis (Excel), mails (Outlook), document management systems (Sharepoint), word processing (WORD), or backend database (MS SQL), all leading solutions come from the Microsoft bouquet of technology applications, and hence makes it easy to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

6.       Cost/benefit analysis – A quick cost/benefit analysis shows the below –

·         Important metrics such as competitor data for analysis, client lead history, payment terms or credit details are sorely missing in the Salesforce CRM, but present in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM

·         The professional version of Salesforce has a ceiling of 250 mails, a limitation not present in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Thus Salesforce (which costs almost same as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, deliveries less value than Microsoft Dynamics CRM)

7.       Reporting dashboard – Microsoft is clearly the winner when it comes to interactive dashboards and data visualization. The rich elements and real time notification of dashboard update is what makes Microsoft Dynamics CRM better than Salesforce.

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