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Common Cloud Computing Myths Demystified

With the widespread popularity of the cloud computing solutions, every ingenious entrepreneur is taking his/ her business to the cloud. Most of them are finding it as the latest technological savior capable of executing a range of business tasks. But, that is perhaps not the reality. Check out the major cloud computing myths that need to be busted and stay sharp.

·         Existing computer systems will offer lucid functionality on cloud

Your current computer systems might not perform the way they used to do after getting into cloud. Computer networks require servers that are setup on the cloud or locally. However, cloud solutions have shared servers that comes with performance overheads. Quite inevitably, industry systems specifically designed for on-site servers will get affected, and existing computer systems might exhibit restricted performance.

·         Current handling of huge data sets will remain same on cloud

On-site servers enable high-speed data collection as well as transfer. If you are working with huge data sets and that too in the cloud, you might not get that desired speed you usually work with. Therefore, it is a misconception that cloud-based solutions will offer the same speed as on-site servers.

·         Applications on Cloud will offer seamless performance

If you are utilizing the cloud to host your applications such as Cloud ERP Software, then you will have to shift the supporting elements of the application to the cloud as well. Now, this shift will continue to prove highly beneficial to the time you enjoy uninhibited access to the cloud. The moment your access gets disturbed, all such applications will come to a stop, thereby affecting firm productivity. So, simply shifting your applications to the cloud might not result in their seamless behavior always.

Cloud computing is an either-or option

It will not be quite judicious to maintain separate server systems for your enterprise. Rather, to reap the benefits of cloud systems perfectly, you can use it along with physical server systems and then slowly amalgamate them with cloud too.

·         Server virtualization is the key to cloud success

Cloud systems help you perform crucial business functions much faster than you could it manually. And the process of taking such business tasks to the cloud is commonly referred to as virtualizing (an example will be CRM For Cloud). Most of the cloud users think that is just enough to virtualize their servers. But, that is not even winning half the battle. You can achieve real success only when the automated management infrastructure working around the particular server is performing to its true potential.

·         The cloud will also cut down IT costs

Although cloud systems ease the process of business computing, it does not serve as your IT service provider. Be judicious and try to gain insight into your advantages after moving essential applications such as CRM on cloud. Consider all the costs as well as the efficiency of the cloud computing system. And most importantly, steer clear of considering cloud systems as your multi-tasking IT solutions provider.

Do write in to us and let us know which cloud computing myth was most prevalent within your organization; we will be happy to know.

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