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Benefits of going vertical with CRM solutions

Irrespective of the industry vertical, a Relationship management software helps tremendously in knowing more about the customer. Through business relations, networking, and public sources, a good amount of data can be extracted about them that can later dictate the path towards a better product or innovation to satisfy their growing, specific and out of the box needs.


Check out how the below industry verticals are using CRM Dynamics solutions to propel their business and gain a competitive advantage –


  1. Pharma – A Microsoft Dynamics Product targeted to the pharmaceutical industry adds amazing value. It helps collate information to gather intelligence and know about their preferences and needs. It also helps the nursing staff get a full view of Rx trends, patient profiles, and medication history. As an outcome it helps uplift the engagement level among doctors, KOLs, pharmacies, and suppliers, to help them work together to improve healthcare. 
  2. Hospitality –Dynamics CRM online 2016 helps hotel owners achieve incredible guest experience. Right from existing management of hotel property to streamlining hotel operations and reducing cost overheads, a well thought out MS CRM is a benefit for hospitality industry. It provides detailed analytics based on the guests’ profiles, preferences, and pain points, thus helping owners to really improve on their customer servicing.
  3. Real Estate – Get all information pertaining to brokers, buyers, sellers, and builders at one place with a CRM management USA designed specifically to real estate vertical. In a business that is based on availability of right information at the right time, a CRM for real estate agents can add heaps of value by making all the information accessible on one single tap. You can also send personalized email campaign to elevate the potential of conversion and sales closure.
  4. Retail – A digital CRM for retail industry can help improve customer loyalty, prevent attrition to rivals, and create deeply personalized customer experiences. If designed by Microsoft CRM consultants, a CRM is adept in collecting various details and presenting insights to the business owner. It also helps integrate mobile experience and social media into its configuration. His in turn lets you put the customer at the center of everything you do at all stages of the customer lifecycle. This not only helps expand the range and breadth of opportunities, but also prevents cart abandonment.  
  5. Automobile – Maximize the efficacy of your lead generation efforts with a good CRM. Irrespective of what channel the customers uses, he/ she is looking for a seamless experience at all stages of customer interactions when planning a new vehicle purchase. A good CRM for sales and marketing in autos, helps shorten the distance between the manufacturers and the end consumer.


If you are looking for a competent technology authority with experience in vertical CRM design, development, and deployment, then look no further than Intellika. Our skilled team of CRM experts have what it takes to craft a custom CRM on cloud solution meant to take your organization to the next level of growth.

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Andrew aethan

CRM’s are great tools for syncing marketing and sales processes. They are perfect for project management, task management and lead nurturing. Companies must definitely invest in CRM tools that match their business goals and objectives. SutiCRM ( ) is a great out-of-the-box sales enablement and marketing automation solution.


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