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Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, or computing carried out not on-site, but on the internet, has taken the world by storm. Individuals and businesses have always had to deploy software solutions on to physical computers present on location to take care of their needs. With cloud computing, the same kinds of software solutions are now accessible over the internet in a personalized form. Businesses are actively moving their software requirements over to the cloud with Cloud ERP Software and Cloud based ERP, and with good reason. There are a number of important benefits that cloud computing brings to the table, and they provide enough incentive to warrant a move to the cloud.

 Apart from increasing overall efficiency, cloud computing can also enhance scalability, versatility and scope, while removing demands for expensive on-site hardware and thus lowering costs. Let us take a look at some of the major benefits of cloud computing –

·         Flexible –During the course of your company’s development, there are sure to be a number of new demands placed on the software. All these demands can be met on-site, but the process is laborious, time-consuming and can get prohibitively expensive. This is where cloud computing shines through. Cloud computing servers have huge amounts of hardware and bandwidth capabilities and can handle increased needs instantly. Moreover, if you need to add features to your software solution, that too takes very little time. The flexibility on offer is sure to be a strength, as well as the little time it requires to leverage that flexibility.

·       Access and Collaboration – The beautiful thing about cloud computing is that cloud-based software solutions (Cloud ERP Software or Cloud based ERP) can be accessed from anywhere. Anyone with the right credentials and an internet access can access cloud-based software, even from a smartphone or tablet. For those working at home, telecommunication or travelling on the job, this is a great option. The connected nature of cloud solutions also aids in improving collaboration among employees, allowing them to really work together without any hassle. Shared documents and applications can be accessed and operated simultaneously from many locations, and critical business information can also be passed on to many people at one go.

·         Better Support – In house hardware and software support can get expensive, and is limited by the talents and experience of your in-house IT staff. With cloud computing, you get high quality, round the clock support from professionals. Right from handling security issues with updates and patches to recovering from disasters, the company that provides you with cloud solutions gives you better support with fast response and recovery times.

·         No Capital Expenditure – One of the best things about cloud computing is that you can avoid the large amounts of capital expenditure that is routinely associated with setting things up on-site. With cloud computing, you can forego this large initial investment and get your business up and running quickly with little in terms of start-up costs.

If you have not moved your business operations to the cloud yet, considering these important benefits will surely compel you to think seriously about commencing your move towards the cloud. Do feel free to get in touch with us at Intellika for robust and future proof cloud computing services.

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