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Are You Able To Determine Your Customer Satisfaction Index?

Good day readers. How are you all? Are you trying hard to understand if your customers are happy, and if they would wish to continue subscribing to your products or services? Well, there is a simple way to do that math. You just need to find your Customer Satisfaction Index. But before we try to understand whether you are able to determine your Customer Satisfaction Index, you must know what it means.

The Customer Satisfaction Index or CSAT Index as it is widely called, is an effective and quick survey measure or solution that helps a business or an individual understand customer experience and act upon their feedback. This index aides in getting to know what the satisfaction and loyalty of all customers. It helps retain happy customers and try to return to your unhappy ones with a promise of better service. It can also show you how to enhance profitability through reduced spends and recurring revenue.

So, how can one determine CSAT Index? Well, a business or individual will need to measures a few areas in order to do so. Let us take a look at some of those areas.

·         Overall happiness and satisfaction

There may be individual areas where the customer isn’t happy with the kind of service or response you may have rendered. But getting to know whether his/her overall experience was good enough, is key. One of the greatest predictors of the satisfaction of the customer lies in his/her experiences the quality you provide. Therefore, you must take a closer look at:

o   Quality of the over product and service

o   Reliability of services post buying or subscribing

o   The extent to which a customer’s needs are taken care of

·         Customer loyalty

Loyalty can often be measured with a customer’s intention to recommend you to friends and others, and the intention to become your word-of-mouth marketing agents. This is a directly proportionate reflection of the his/her likelihood of returning to you for your services or products. Customer satisfaction is not just a major predicting factor of retention and repurchase,and is greatly influenced by quality, value, product performance, service performance, evaluation, etc. Ask your customers these questions:

o   How satisfied are you,overall?

o   How unlikely or likely do you think you are to choose us again?

o   How unlikely or likely do you think you are to recommend us to someone?

·         Your contribution to your customers’ satisfaction

The way a business runs, plays a vital role in how satisfied its customers are. If you, as a business owner, are the kind of person who cares about your customers and employees alike, you will take the trouble to keep them satisfied, ensuring retention and profitability. You need to build a team of customer care associates who will do anything they have to, to give solutions, provide timely service, be careful of keeping them happy, etc. Ask yourself these questions:

o   Do I care for my customers and try hard to keep them satisfied?

o   Have I built the culture of customer satisfaction in my Customer Care team?

o   Is my business providing customers with enough reasons to come back to us each time?

Now, these are only some areas that will help you identify the CSAT Index. However, if you want to know about everything that can be done, you may write your queries below and our team at Intellika Technologies will be glad to answer them. Also, our CRMnext tool can also help you identify your CSAT Index. Among other things, we are also CRM specialists. We have the right technology to manage all your customer related processes. And, our goal is to constantly endeavor towards a fulfilling user experience. CRMnext is a detailed yet, easy-to-use, Customer Relationship Management solution. Drop in a line today. Ta!

Team Intellika

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