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An Introduction to Amazon Cloud Services

First of all, I need to inform you that in this article I m going to cover the fact related to Amazon Cloud service. This is because I require setting an overview of Cloud and Cloud services. 

What Do You Mean By Cloud Computing?

This is the utility service that provides proper access to technology resource which is addressed for the management of expertise as per the demand of the cloud client. This service could be easily processed via internet with minimal expenditure over resources.

Introduction to Amazon Web Service:

Amazon introduced for the first time, the web service business that proceeded ahead in the year 2006. This product is known to the forefront presentation for the industry deal in Cloud imitative. Amazon web service is a sort of service canopy brought into market by Amazon. This canopy comprises of 2 different versions known as Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 that has enhanced the demand of the service worldwide.

Glimpse of Amazon EC2:

Amazon EC2 is the abbreviated form of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. This is the service that allows the users to pay for what they make use of. The server instance works on the “spun up” and case of demand and “spun down” represents usage ceased.  These instances are a sort of virtual machine language that is based on Xen VM manageable by internal resources management. 

What Does VM Means?

VM is even recognized with another name that is Elastic Compute Unit (ECU). This serves as a pre packed service and could be ordered with simply commands just by selecting, choosing and completing the task. The price depends upon the ECU selected for the transfer of required data. Few types of ECU are listed as below:



Type Of ECU


Storage Capacity

Micro ECU

1-2 instances


Small ECU

1 instance


Large ECU

4 instances



8 instances


High-Mem XL ECU

6.5 instances


High-Mem Double XL ECU

13 instances


High-Mem 4XL ECU

26 instances



20 instances



20 instances



Powerful Features:

  •        Higher computing power on demand
  •         Best process of fetching and booting the server instance within fraction of minute
  •          Quick scaled capacity
  •          Offers service at $0.02 per hour
  •          Supports Windows, Linux, FreeBSD as well as OpenSolaris
  •          It even supports web and application
  •          Monitor usage and status
  •          Reliability
  •          Power enhanced by addition of Amazon S3  

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