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Advantages of Having your Website on Amazon Web Server

Setting up a website over the internet is a good idea but you need remote server to host it, and Amazon web services is a great platform which allows you hosts multiple applications which the net users can utilize. The cloud technology has added further charm to the Amazon web services, and it offers fantastic opportunities for businesses and government organization to host cost effective services. So what are the beneficial features Amazon web services offers to you to make them worth considering?

Flexible Tools to Choose From

When you have developed your website and are all set to host your website you need the services of reliable and reputed web service provider who provides flexible environment. And Amazon web services do just that as it allows you use its cloud technology for running your applications that helps you to keep your costs down to the minimal level. AWS makes web based applications scalable and easy to run. Amazon web services offers you the resources to build your application with the technology of your choice, you can choose the operating system, and your programming language, like Java, .Net, PHP, Nodes.JS, Python, or Ruby.

Database Flexibility

Then you can select your database from Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and My SQL etc. The Amazon Web Services also offer the facilities of managing our database with their relational database services. Hence your worries of managing your databases no longer exist.

You have the option of choosing your server which suits your application. You can choose a single instance or multiple servers, and you at liberty to choose specially customized servers which have enormous amount of space and memory along with special graphics options.

Cost Saving

AWS provides low cost but well developed architectural platform where you websites will always be up and running even during challenging scenarios. AWS optimizes the technology that provides auto scaling which means that you websites get elasticity to swell when they are hit by huge traffic, and when traffic is light only minimal resources are used. This feature of AWS of paying what you use makes it a cost saver whereby you can save tons, and furthermore there are no upfront costs or lengthy contracts.


The Amazon CloudFront creates an environment which makes your websites visible to users around the globe. Your data is within the reach of users through servers which are closest to their geographical location. Your content data could be static or dynamic, the traffic gets diverted to it instantly and the users are cut short of their waiting period.

Other Uses

Amazon Web Services takes care of the technical end of running your website while you can focus on optimizing your viewership. If provides efficient services for infrastructure provisioning and debugging errors.

For availing the Amazon web services all you have to do is sign in for the services and you are given the access to all the cloud computing services. You get benefits like one year worth services of accessing the cloud or the database, free archiving, bandwidth, storage and cache.

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