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Responsive Websites – Paradigm Shift in World Wide Web

Computers and Mobile phones have been used for accessing internet across the world for more than a decade now but off late with new devices getting discovered and introduced in market this trend is shifting.

Internet can now be accessed via various kinds of hand held and multimedia devices like tablets, Smart Tele visions, notebooks, Play stations etc. Due to such varied platforms it has become difficult for the organizations to have a website for each and every platform. As per the research only   8-10% of total mobile websites across the world are running as per expected.

What if there was an easy way to have just one website supporting all kind of platforms and devices? Responsive website is all about it

Smartphones, Tablets and Smart TV’s are being increasing used to access World Wide Web through internet these days. People do not appreciate websites and blogs which are not device friendly and usually drop or disconnect these sites half way due to their non-responsiveness. Responsive solution if implemented for these website would not only increase the time their visitor spend on browsing these sites but will create a vow experience for these users through its optimized content. Technology Analysts across the world have proclaimed that the internet world is heading towards a new revolution with its usage increasing each day on devices like smartphones, tablets, smart watch, smart television etc. Statistics shows that internet usage on these devices has grown immensely to such an extent that it may overtake desktop Internet usage by mid of year 2014.

Breaking the myth on Responsive Web Design?

Responsive websites are the one which are able to adapt the design and layout of the devices in which they are browsed.  Adoption of the design and layout on the devices happen dynamically depending on the size of the screen. 

Responsive websites are capable of positioning it contents and looks on the fly; a desktop with larger images would automatically take smaller shape on handheld devices like tablets and smartphones. Getting all this done on the fly does not require different code to be written for the each device, one single code can be used to achieve this.  This is done by having one version of code which can accept parameters from the device in which it is opened and the look and feel is achieved through CSS. 

Responsive Web Design explained through diagrams

Responsive web design is an approach which is taken to ensure design and development of any web page should be in accordance to the device and environment used.

Why should I switch to Responsive Website Design?

Introduction of New devices every second day with varied screen resolutions has made it essential to have a web design that is self-adaptable to different screen sizes. It not just makes the life of the user easy but it also look good on Smart phone, Tablet like it is on desktop or a laptop. 

Internet Usage Mobile Vs Desktops

Advantages of Responsive website design:

  • Save Money
  • Saves Time
  • Improved SEO
  • Better Performance
  • Wider browser support

Google Recommends Responsive website Design

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nicely explained


Nilesh Hingu

That's really valuable information.


Hi Admin
I have been just watching your blog, It’s really Impressive. Just loved the information and content of this blog.To make your website responsive is actually an attempt to increase traffic and potential customers, irrespective of the devices they are using to view your website.Keep writing the stuff like this.

Thanks, Amy


Priyanka jain

I think the concept of responsive web design is really nice because in past, we have to make mobile website separately while today, we can adjust it in any device whether it is Ipad, Mobile or desktop. Even it is increasing the user experience as well so the users can get easy navigational experience.


I think what you told in 2014 now has become even more valid with Google mobile friendly update of 2015.

Thank you,
CRD Media


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