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HRMS and Payroll Management Software - Managing Increments

Hi people. All well at your end? Brilliant! So is it here at ours, thanks to all you wonderful readers, well-wishers, and friends.

Today we are going to share with you about the HRMS is greater detail. Did you know that this software is also great for managing increments, writing official letters & other documents, etc.? Well yes, it is.

Before we begin, we would like to ask you something though. You do use HRMS for your organization, don’t you? If yes, you are on the right track. But if you don’t, here are two more reasons why you should opt for HRMS. It simplifies your business like no other software / system can. Let us take a closer look.

·        Managing Increments and other compensation related processes using an HRMS is cakewalk. Here’s a list of activities you can undertake:

o   Assign & create different levels of salaries, deductions, and increments

o   Earnings can be analyzed and distributed based on domain, grade / level, geo location, etc.

o   The HR dashboard permits complete& automatic monitoring of performance, and  hence all the increments & appraisals

o   It also permits a comprehensive report building for workflow capabilities

o   Increments are usually KRA based, but can also depend on peer and manager reviews

o   Rating & review criteria can be set using multiple data evaluation

o   The progress that starts at the individual employee level, goes up to the manager’s report level, and reaches the final phase of increments& promotions, can all be monitored

o   Three major types of increment can be monitored closely: admin ad-hoc, special, and annual ones

·        It also helps to automate the writing of official letters & other documents. Here’s a list of activities you can undertake:

o   Generally speaking, it is possible to create company logo, header & footer designs,campaign & marketing templates, etc. according to company policy

o   All types of letters and documents can be integrated along with organization & employee data, as per the need

o   Multiple other information like the appointment of a candidate, his/her confirmation as an employee, end of probation term, promotion / demotion, appraisal / deduction, disciplinary actions, etc. too can be stored & monitored

o   Helps maintain an archive of all letters and any other form of documentation offered to employees from the very beginning of the association

o   The types of official letters the system can generate include, but are not restricted to:

§  Offer letter

§  Letter of end of probation

§  Letter of promotion

§  Letter of appraisal

§  Letter of appreciation

§  Letter of apology, in cases when inconvenience was caused

§  Letters of updates

§  Seasonal & holiday greetings

§  Internal correspondence

§  External correspondence

§  etc…

The HRMS can be of utmost use if used to the best of its caliber. On that note, our team bids you goodbye. Take care!

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