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HRMS – The Big Bang of the Recruitment universe

For some time now, the revolutionary ideas of Information Technology have brought about a sea change in every industry. Whether it be Management, or Finances, or Marketing, or Sales, or even Communication, everyone has banked on the inventions in technology to make work easy. The recruitment and hiring industry was not going to sit tight and watch everyone else progress and do nothing for itself.


We have told you earlier that recruitment and hiring is a crucial and an importantly continuous process in any company. And, as much as there are hiring managers, executives and associates, the handling of countless applications is an extremely tedious task best which is best kept for machines and computers.


It is this idea that gave birth to HRMS. BANG!!! So, let’s take a brief walk through the history and growth of this technology.



HRMS – the Human Resource Management System – is sometimes also called Human Capital Management Solution or Human Resources Information System. Back in the 70’s, everything about the HR industry and departments involved loads of paper work and then so much more paper work yet again. Whatever form of technology one could find in the system only surrounded the payroll, minutely using the very basics of mainframe computing and green-screen technology. At the most, these in-built systems and methods would sometimes also produce basic reports such as organization departments, employee lists, etc. But the industry was about to experience the Big Bang with the merging of ERP systems and HR manners. The launch of SAP R/2 in 1979 changed the way outdated and paper trailed HR worked. The HR functions were integrated in the existing ERP database along with production planning, company finance and material management. This combination of real time data access added to the mainframe environment, garnered a lot of attention. Now the HR departments in companies and all industries were inspired to introduce this method into their daily system.


The HR and Payroll software saw the rise of the HRMS software in India too, along with the worldwide wave.


Today, it is a software that acts as a link or the crossroad point between the HR systems and various IT processes. While this simple software was introduced to assist and improve payroll processes in a company, and simply to monitor employee punch-ins and logouts, it has now grown and become a method that enhances the process proficiency, and improves time and cost efficiency. It has also bettered the user experience of employees and HR professionals across organizations globally. Briefly speaking, with the evolution of the Human Resources functionality, the HR technological systems now look and feel different.


Simply put, this software is considered a basic entity, or rather a necessity in HR departments across all organizations in every single industry, solely because hiring and recruitment is the most basic need of any company – whether big or small.


As much as the HRMS is necessary for core data management in HR, it is also used in specialized areas of reporting and learning management, alongside recruitment and payroll. Because there is a massive array of HRMS applications to choose from, there are tailored and custom solutions available for companies of all size and age, supporting its very own HR hiring and staffing models. Like we shared once before, HRMS has simplified hiring.

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