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Google Email for Business - Get Custom email and more

Hello readers. Today, I would like to take off from where I left last time. This blog is a continuation of Google Apps for work: the interactive ones. Today we are going to talk about some of the Google apps that aide in storing and collaborating. Read here to know about Google’s Drive, and its Docs and Sheets.

1.       Google Drive (earlier known as Google Docs) -  a place where you can store and share data with absolute ease

Thanks to the Google Drive, you can now keep all your data and work in one place. It is an extremely convenient and absolutely online storage facility that the 21st century has been blessed with. Pen drives, external hard disks, can become things of the past, just like that. And, you can never lose the data, because you don’t have it physically. No matter where you are, log into your Gmail account and BAM! You have all your data with you.

·         You have 30GB of storage given to you for you Drive and Gmail data. If you still need more, you can buy an unlimited storage plan for $10 per month.

·         You can sync all your files to a designated folder on your computer. All changes made locally automatically reflects in your Drive, and vice versa.

·         You can view over 40 popular file formats with the Google Drive. These include Microsoft Office documents, images,videos, PDFs, etc.

·         To search for a particular file, you do not need to look into every folder. With the help of basic keywords,you can find the right file in seconds. Even if it is a PDF with handwritten notes, or images.

·         Files can be kept private, or you can share them.

2.       Docs – Google’s cloud based word processing app for teams

With Google Docs, you can create and edit word or text based documents right in your browser. Which means, now you don’t need an expensive, licensed Office software.

3.       Sheets – Google provides the most advanced, quick, and online spreadsheets

With Google Sheets, you can create spreadsheets (like those in Microsoft Excel) in your browser. You can handle everything from its really simple lists of to-do tasks, to data analysis with charts, tables and filters.You can perform calculations and make use of other functions and formulas.

Here are some of the common things you can do:

·         Can be shared among multiple users, and people can work on the same document at the same time

·         Anything you change is automatically saved

·         Everyone can see edits as others type, communicate real-time through chat,and include comments

·         Import your files and edit them instantly

·         Export files in .pdf, .docx, .rtf, .odt, .txt, .html and other formats.

·         Create, share, and edit docs from all devices. Google Chrome for Mac or PC will help you when you’re offline too.In

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That’s all today. Until next time, stay technologically updated. Take care!

Team Intellika

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