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A sneak-peak into the CRM software

Hola people! How are you doing today? We are a good 10 days into the month of April. Phew! It is beyond our understanding how quickly time just slips through our fingers. We wish it would go slower, and we would have more time to do the many things we’ve been meaning to. One of them being blogging. we love writing about technology, and we love sharing our thoughts so that our readers can stay informed. Maybe we should call our act of trying to stay connected with you FRM (Friends Management System). Don’t you think so?

But whether or not we introduce an FRM to work with, let’s get into the basics of the already introduced CRM technology and software. We know most of you reading this is already aware of CRM very well, but we want to take this opportunity to try and educate anyone who might not be aware of it. So, let’s begin.


CRM or Customer Relationship Management was invented to combine strategies, practices and technologies that a company used to first analyse customer interactions and manage this data in order to improve and enhance the organization’s relationship with all its existing customers. By doing so, it became possible and easy to retain old customers, while also reaching out to so many new clients. If we were to explain in a more simplified fashion, we wouldd say that CRM is a system that aides in managing an organization's relationship and interaction with its present and future customers. It uses technology to synchronize, automate, and organize customer service, technical support, marketing, and sales.

These software systems are designed to compile customer information across various channels including those on the company's social media platforms, tele-caller chats, live chat, direct mail, marketing materials, and website. Also, the staff that deal most with customers directly can monitor detailed information about their purchase history, buying preferences,personal information, and quite a many other concerns.

The most common and widely used features of the CRM software include:

1.       Automatic Marketing: Those CRM tools that have the ability to automatically market repetitive actions and tasks to higher the company’s marketing efforts by achieve a farther customer reach at different phases of marketing, is a key feature.

2.       Automation of the sales force: This feature of the software called either the sales force management, or the sales force automation is a tool built to prevent duplication of numbers and efforts between the sales point and his/her customer. This can be simply achieved automatically by the system. All it has to do is to track every initial contact and follow-ups between both parties.

3.       Automation of the contact center: This feature is designed to extensively reduce the excruciating and tedious aspects of a customer contact agent's job.Most of the times, it includes recorded audio instructions and roadmaps that assist in solving customer queries and the distribution of information, etc. Different aspects of the software’s tools synchronize with the agent's laptop pc or desktop tools in order to handle customer questions, doubts and requests.By doing so, the time that to-and-fro calls usually take can be cut down and the customer service processes can be simplified.

4.       Location-based services, or Geolocation technology: Not every CRM system, but many of them come with the technology that is enabled to create marketing campaigns based purely on the customers' geographical locations. This feature also sometimes integrates with the more popular location-based GPS services and apps. This one can also be used as a contact management or networking tool and excessively aides in finding sales prospects based on location-wise search.

That’s all for now. See you soon.

Team Intellika

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