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7 Major Benefits of e-Commerce Business for Retailers & Customers in 2015

Hello readers! If you are an entrepreneur running a retail business, do you also have your online store running hand in hand? If yes, kudos to you. You must then share your experience with friends and fellow entrepreneurs, and motivate to the “e” way.

However, if you do not have your online store, it is time you learnt about it. Let me help you take the first step in the direction.

So, how can e-commerce benefit a retail business? It…

1 - Enhances convenience and ease of use, and hence increases your business

Most people opt for online shopping now, and use malls and other such places only for entertainment and outdoor dining. It is convenient because your customers would not have to step out of the comfort of their homes. The more options you give them, the more your user base will grow.

2 - Decreases the cost of your inventory management

The cost of managing the inventory of your products or services will reduce drastically because the web-based inventory management system is completely automated. It minuses the cost of human hours and labor.

3 - Lets your happy customers become your brand ambassadors

If your product or service is great, and so is your delivery techniques and customer service, then you will have made your customers your brand ambassadors, without paying them a penny. Their reviews, ravings, testimonials, ratings, comments, likes, and shares, will help you gain more customers than ever.

4 - Gives you wings. You no longer limited to selling your product or service in a single country

Your physical store will always be clogged down to a particular area, and does not allow you to reach even the whole city or state that you are in. But going online will help to wipe out the border barrier for your business.

5 - Allows you to maintain a “No OPEN or CLOSE” hours

All offline businesses (except maybe a pharmacy) has to function within the ideal, government allotted hours for business. Here’s where an online store has the 24x7 shop advantage. It becomes easy for the customer too, since customers in all time zones globally can buy from you.

6 - Lets you talk about your brand like never before

If you own a physical store, how much can you talk about your store or products or services? Hardly. Actually, nothing at all. But when you have an online store, you have pages of information that can now be shared and viewed globally. Customers who are not interested in knowing more about you can continue shopping, while many others will still take the time out and read about your history, present story, and future plans.

7 - Permits you to sell niche products and services without worrying about its customer base

If you have a physical store that offers niche products and services, how many people in that area will opt for it? Only a handful will. But if the same thing is sold online, and made available for a global audience, your customer base will grow by a great deal, helping your business run smoothly while catering to a niche need that is otherwise not available.

These are hardly some of the ways e-commerce can benefit retail business. Why don’t you share some other benefits of e-commerce on retail businesses? Awaiting your comments.

Until next time, take care!

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With the help of the new technology and the support of the internet, people from all around the world started to purchase items online by simply sitting in their homes.


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There is no doubt that 2015 is the successful year for eCommerce business. Ecommerce owners boost their sales as well as happily retains customers via personalized marketing strategy.


Thanks a lot for sharing this with us, was a really interesting post.


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