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5 ways to market your ecommerce website

Hello all you lovely readers. Team Intellika hopes you are doing well, and we know that you wish the same for us too. Hence, today we are going to share a little secret with you, one that will help your eCommerce website so much for so little. Today we are going to talk about 5 ways to market your ecommerce website, especially 5 cost effective ways to do so. On that note, we wish you a happy reading.                                   

1.       Use social media to the optimum, not just maximum.

If you’re not viral today, you’re getting nowhere at all, especially if your business itself is online.

Most brands appear to have (what we like to call) a great deal of “love” for the social media and its followers there. But the truth is, none of these companies have a way of calculating ROIs from SMM, and yet they do not complain about it. It is because Social Media should be used a platform for creating awareness and spreading the “love” rather than ultimate business growth. You don’t even need to spend too many hours on it every day. Figure out the right platforms for you, roll out well thought of campaigns, think of things you can share to increase engagement, indulge in industry-related news and doings, etc.

2.       Multi-channel selling and cross platform promotions are inevitable.

Selling on multiple channels is no longer just an option. It is also not too expensive. It is good to take advantage of eCommerce biggies like eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, and others. You can include a brochure, link, business card, or an attractive ad on these sites. Adding discounts will add to the clicks and is good for your business. All multi million dollar brands also sell this way. There’s no reason you shouldn’t. selling on multiple channels is profitable, consistent, and sustainable, while the effort for its returns is as good as nothing. Of course there’s a little homework you need to do. You need to identify where your TG spends most of their time, both online and offline, and build strategies around how to introduce your eCommerce site to them and others they interact with.

3.       Ask for feedback and criticism, and work around them.

Feedback most often comes in the form of complaints and criticism. But as a budding business, you should be able to take these in the right light, and work around them to better your services and quality across various departments of your business. Your constant strive for perfection in business will stem from critical customer feedback. And once you’ve fixed the needed bugs and worked around the reviews, you must respond to the users. That will show them you “love” them, and they will “love” you back.

4.       Customer is the king. Cliché, but true.

As much as most of us are tired of hearing this, it is true. Keep your customer happy, and you will never really run out of business. If you provide an outstanding service, customers will come to you more often than they go to your that competitor who has better ads and marketing tools.

5.       Do something innovative, in terms of marketing, every now and then.

Innovative does not necessarily mean expensive. As a budding or well-rooted brand, undertaking a spontaneous or planned activity can work well for you. You can conduct a flashmob. Your expenditure will only include merchandise, and the needed permission for a public place. Now, is it really that difficult if you get innovative? We don’t think so.

Therefore, get going. Do not deprive your business from growing, and use these 5 ways to market your ecommerce website. Cheers!

Team Intellika

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