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5 Popular Mobile App Development Tools

With the increasing demand of online presence, companies have even realized the importance to make people feel the online presence in a perfect manner. Thus this led to the introduction of enterprise apps for different platforms such as mobile, tablets, etc. this has gradually turned out to be the basis need of companies and therefore seems to make huge investments for development android apps available for wide range of OS.  Now-a-days, it has been observed that most of the developer desires to build an app for iPhones, Blackberry, Android and many more advance technology, but not all are equipped with the talent to write the codes for. So, to make their work easier in terms of coding and scripting, here are few of the popular mobile app development tools. Let’s have a look now:


·         RhoMobile- This tool offers Rhodes that is acknowledged as the open source framework developed on Ruby. This allows development of native apps, spanning over OS and smart phones. It executes process with the single time coding. Major collections of smartphone are built on this coding tool. It is helpful as it ease out your work with great speed and accuracy. It developer is known as Rhohub is complied with the development environment RhoSync to be employed as a standlone server.


·         PhoneGap- This tool was declared as the winner in the event of 2009 launch pad for Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco. Similar to RhoMobile it available for all the platform starting from Palm to iPad & iPhones. HTML and JavaScript are the two language used by this platform. It efficiently works with the device hardware features such as camera, sound, GPS, accelerometer, etc. it comprises of an Adobe AIR app along with  training course that would allow easy access to native API’s. 


·         Appcelerator- This tool is based on Titanium Development platform. This is highly applicable in the twitter, native mobiles, tablets as well as desktop. Moreover, this efficiently runs with the web standard languages such as ruby, HTML, PHP, Python, JavaScript, etc. it offers customization for action & events that completely based on hardware and the data of the app is stored in the form of clouds or in the device. It is powered with 1,000 native apps every month. The most amazing thing of this app development tool is the easier access to more than 300 APIs.


·         MoSync- This is the multi-platform FOSS’s mobile app development tool based on SDK tool that is standard Dev SDK tool. This is integrated with other tools such as complier, libraries, runtimes and device profile. This tool is supported with different languages such as Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Python and even Eclipse IDE based on C/C++ programming. It operates for several platforms such as iPhone and Smartphone & Mobile Linux Distro.


·         WidgetPad- This is acknowledged as the collaborative open source environment. This basically is introduced for smartphone apps. This tool makes use of standard web technical language such as JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5. It comprises of inbuilt tools such as source code editing, debugging, project management, collaboration, etc. this is identified as the private beta used to create apps  for 3 different platform such as iOS, WebOS and  AndriodOS. 

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