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4 Benefits of Enterprise Mobile Apps

Hello readers and friends. How have you been? Has the summer been generous to you, or is it still unbearable? Whatever be the case, we all can rejoice in the fact that the monsoon is nearly here. The monsoon truly is a blessing in many ways.

Speaking of blessing, companies and especially enterprises, have a blessing in the form of mobile apps. Today it is impossible to think even think that a business can operate for without a mobile app. And those who are prepared to brace the storm because they do not want to indulge in the mobile market yet, you are being foolish.

Allow us to preach by example. Do you know that online marketplace giant ‘Myntra’ has completely gone mobile? Yes they have. They realized that those who love to shop online and use a laptop or desktop, definitely have phones too. But what’s better. Even those who love to shop online and do not have a laptop or desktop pc, own a fashionable, high end, smartphone. So then, it makes sense for Myntra and other enterprises to go all mobile, doesn’t it?

As if that isn’t enough, the Washington Post in one of its online posts say, “As mobile gadgets become bigger, some companies abandon Web sites altogether.”

So enterprises, how can mobile apps change the way your organization functions? Let’s take a look.

1. Mobile apps are more visible than websites
A lot of people think there is an issue with one app being lost among so many others in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, etc. But then, don’t you think as an app you are easier to be discovered among lacs of other apps on the store, as opposed to being a website waiting to be discovered among millions, or maybe billions of other websites? As an additional boon, the search in apps is more systematic and according to genres, making apps all the more visible. We are still away from the perfect mobile market time, but the time for that change has already arrived.

2. The era of the smartphones. The era of the mobile market
Have you physically shopped for a phone recently? What did you see at the store? An array of smartphones belonging to different brands, price range, sizes, etc.? How many feature phone (a.k.a. un-smart phones) did you see out there? Was there a section for feature phones? If yes, how many did you see there? A handful? Well, that’s what we are talking about. And, as the prices of gadgets increasingly fall, more competition is going to unfold.

3. Connected to customers 24*7
This is probably the best reason why any company should have a mobile app for its products or services. The customer leaves the real shop, the minute he steps out of it. But that’s not the case with a virtual shop. You are connected with your customers 24*7. You are always on his mind, in his heart, and in his phone too. Now that’s something, isn’t it?

And finally…

4. Great user experience
No website can match the user experience of a mobile app. Even, the king of websites, looks feeble against the Google search app, and Google voice search app.

So, companies, organizations, and enterprises. What’s stopping you from building your own mobile app. Remember, every day gone is every day lost. Cheers!

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