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360 Degree Appraisal A Myth Or Reality

Hello dearest readers, friends, and everyone else. Are you enjoying the late monsoon rains just as much as everyone on our team? We hope you are. But in case you aren’t, we’ve got something that will leave you happy and smiling. After reading what we’ve got to share with you, you are certain to forget your monsoon woes.

Today, we are going to talk about 360 degree appraisal. What do you think about it? Is it a myth or reality? Well, it is real. We’ve got you smiling already, don’t we? However, there is also a simple conditions applied clause to it. Let’s talk about it in detail.

To understand whether 360 degree appraisal is a myth or reality, you must first understand what it is. It is a type of performance appraisal for an employee whom superiors, managers, co-workers, subordinates, customers, vendors, and some others rate him or her anonymously. Once rated, the information is included to become part of that employee's performance review.

This method of appraisal is used mainly for employees at mid or senior level. It is the complexity and difficulty of these roles that enables a company and its employees judge the person in question for a meaningful and sufficient assessment.

Almost every organization, no matter what the size or age, is constantly looking for ways to promote their able employees to get them to do more for one’s company, and they’re all resorting to use the 360 degree method for performance based appraisal. It assesses one’s potential, ability, performance, past career path, future career possibility, feedback of colleagues, and so much more. This assessment helps to make a decision that will help both the employee and the organization.

The 360 degree appraisal method is one of the most comprehensive feedback being used by the human resources today. Since the feedback comes from every possible superior, peer, subordinate, customer, vendor, etc. who works with the mid or senior level employee in question, it is a holistic review. However, there can be a not-so-great aspect to this method. Favoritism can be a major decider in one’s growth at times, and that can be unfair. If the employee to be assessed is a personal favorite of most employees, his chances of that promotion or appraisal becomes higher than for another who may be an equally great performer, but not necessarily a favorite. Yet, a majority of companies have been using this method to decide on the future of its employees, and increasingly so.

The 360 degree appraisal method usually has four important components. They are:

1.       Superior’s appraisal

2.       Peer’s appraisal

3.       Subordinate’s appraisal

4.       Self appraisal

Some of the advantages of this method are:

  • It offers a comprehensive view of employee performance
  • Since opinions are gathered from various sources, they are likely to be more accurate
  • The more staff that takes part in this process, it enhances work culture
  • Unmotivated employees can be motivated because of this feedback

Some disadvantages, though, are:

·         Favoritism and biased stand

·         It is time consuming and complex to involve so many people, train them on judging particular aspects, and studying it in detail

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