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2015’s Top Tech Trends of 2015


Technology landscape over the world is evolving at a faster rate than ever before. The 2015 report released by Gartner Inc. points out to three key themes that are dictating the technology ecosystem in 2015. Let’s look at these and prepare our organizations for them -

a. Coming together of the virtual and the real

1. Mobile priority – The diversity of devices and form factors to do online purchases or make strategic decisions will increase. Enterprises will have to provide a ‘mobile-first’ approach to remain competitive in this segment.

2. Internet of Things – There will be increased emphasis on devices interacting with the real world. As connections between the two keep multiplying there is a definite opportunity in the way value can be extracted from IoT.

3. 3D Printing – The ever increasing success stories around 3D printing along with falling costs of printing devices denotes the maturity of this tech trend. Tis will cause improved adoption across industry verticals in the next 2-3 years.

b. Holistic Intelligence

4. Analytics all around us – Data explosion will culminate with improvement in Big Data technology. This will give a massive thrust to the value and coverage of analytics all around us. The focus will shift to insights and not data itself.

5. Contextual intelligence – Embedded technology will enhance its intelligence. Blend this with the amazing improvements made in data analytics and we get systems that assist in our lives better and more importantly respond to a given situation. 

6. Smart machines – Google Car, Siri, Valkyrie – these are all instances of how new age technological marvels are helping us make better decisions and be better in what we do. Gartner predicts that this smart machine era will be a powerful disruptive force in the next few years.

c. New Age IT

7. Cloud computing and mobile - Enterprises will continue to tap into the unprecedented potential provided by mobile and cloud computing. Centrally managed applications dispensed on any device will be the primary tech trend in the next few years.

8. IT that replicates the giants – More and more players will seek to devise, design, and deploy IT infrastructure on the lines of what exists in Amazon, Google, and Facebook, the leading cloud service enterprises.

9. Flexibility – Everything from web applications to rudimentary IT setup needs to follow agile programming methods. This not only helps in faster time to market, but also provides businesses with the much needed margins advantage.

10. Modern day security – With widely changing tech dynamics, businesses will profit by knowing that their business and IT delivery mechanisms can never be fully secured. Once this realization dawns, they will look forward to more relevant and cutting edge risk assessment and self-protection tools

Keeping these 10 trends while planning your digital strategies will make your business future proof. While the degree of focus and investment will vary depending on your own line of business, these factors are too big to be totally ignored. Do write in to us and let us know which of these will the primary focus of your business for 2016-2017.

Team Intellika

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