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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become a much sought after software technology which has been adopted by various enterprises. The technology allows users to access their applications and programs from any geographical location with their internet connected device. It has some distinct advantages over the traditional web based technologies but does have minor concerns as well. [More]

What are the 5 Popular Apps for Android Phones?

Android apps have taken the world by storm, as it has billions of users scattered over 190 countries of the world. And with millions of apps in the market churned out by Android App Development companies, each hoping to seduce the mobile users and make them come running for them, there is a problem of plenty for app savvy population. Have a look at 5 apps which are worth having on your mobiles. [More]

Advantages of Having HR and Payroll Software in an Organization

Managing the human resource functions and payrolls of employees is a crucial part of any organization, whether it is a small sized business or a big corporate house. Since the net worth of a company and its taxation is affected by the payroll of the employees, data integrity and accuracy is vital as they are subjected to audits from the law of the land. Having software to regulate the functioning of HR and Payroll procedures has many benefits which include: [More]

5 Advantages of Having Audit Management Software

Businesses around the world need to have protocols in place to monitor and calibrate the operations and functioning of their various departments. The audit management software is an effective tool which businesses can adopt in their management program to ensure they do not falter in the productivity and quality. It is an effective tool to monitor that the compliance rules are followed to the core in a manner which requires minimal efforts, and which saves time and costs. Owing to its effectiveness the regulated companies around the world have embraced the audit management software. Here is top 5 benefits of having this software in your company: [More]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is another name given to innovation which has made a big impact over the internet, and which has come as a boon for mid-sized to big companies. Cloud computing tends to exploit and optimize the benefits of web technology. Its core design is that it allows data to be stored at remote location, and multiple users can access it from their separate internet connected workstations. It surely has its advantages over the traditional methods of desktop data storage. Checkout what you get and what you don’t. [More]

5 Popular Features of HRMS Software

Management of resources is the key for effective functioning of any organization. Human resource being an important arm of any corporate house, HRMS software is the perfect tool to increase efficiency in administering your work force, keep a track of their outputs, and ensure compliance parameters are not breeched. The markets are flooded with HRMS software which provides different features though some of the 5 helpful features which it should have includes: [More]