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5 Popular Mobile App Development Tools

With the increasing demand of online presence, companies have even realized the importance to make people feel the online presence in a perfect manner. Thus this led to the introduction of enterprise apps for different platforms such as mobile, tablets, etc. this has gradually turned out to be the basis need of companies and therefore seems to make huge investments for development android apps available for wide range of OS. Now-a-days, it has been observed that most of the developer desires to build an app for iPhones, Blackberry, Android and many more advance technology, but not all are equipped with the talent to write the codes for. So, to make their work easier in terms of coding and scripting, here are few of the popular mobile app development tools. Let’s have a look now: [More]

An Introduction to Amazon Cloud Services

First of all, I need to inform you that in this article I m going to cover the fact related to Amazon Cloud service. This is because I require setting an overview of Cloud and Cloud services.

What Do You Mean By Cloud Computing? [More]

Essential Ingredients of Responsive Website Design

With new technologies invented every other day, internet connectivity is not limited to PCs and laptops. In fact internet browsing through smart mobile devices is on the rise by leaps and bounds, and businesses are scrambling to create websites which can run efficiently on various devices irrespective of the size of the device. But since, the screens of different devices have different pixels width it makes web developers task challenging to create a website which suits different users. [More]

How Cloud Computing Service Can Help Your Company

If your business process in not monitored and documented it will lack transparency and you would be fiddling in the dark. Hence to help businesses in documentation and performing their different functionalities, computers came and did away the dependency on papers, but now the new mantra of Cloud computing has further simplified life of business houses. If you are still living in a dark age and are not aware of the benefits of cloud technology, have a look: [More]

Advantages of Having your Website on Amazon Web Server

Setting up a website over the internet is a good idea but you need remote server to host it, and Amazon web services is a great platform which allows you hosts multiple applications which the net users can utilize. The cloud technology has added further charm to the Amazon web services, and it offers fantastic opportunities for businesses and government organization to host cost effective services. So what are the beneficial features Amazon web services offers to you to make them worth considering? [More]

How Software Can Help Law Firms to Improve Their Work Efficiency

From ages Legal procedures have placed their faith on documentations but not without reasons though. And since litigation process involves tons of documentation and paperwork you also need a proper format to store them. Which once upon a time were tedious and time consuming process but thanks to the innovative litigation software technology which has come as a boon to the law firms, it saves them time and money. [More]

Top 5 Apps That You Must Have On Your Phones

A Smart phone is a fancy gadget which is a bundle of joy for its user, and if you put some teeth to it in form of apps the joy can rise to unassailable heights, with you getting plenty of options to get the best outputs from your smart phones. Thanks to the App Developer of Intellika who help me to write these 5 popular apps. But there are millions of apps in the world market, choosing the right one is the moral of the story. [More]

Software as a Service – Moving away from perpetual licenses

A new attractive option, which is being explored by Financial Institutions, is 'Software-as-a-service‘ (SaaS) model, which has both a recurring subscription fee and a 'pay-as-you-go‘ model for procuring software licenses. This allows Chief Financial Officers (CFO) to forego the requirement of sourcing considerable capital expenses to buy perpetual licenses (for deploying IT systems that handle functions such as CRM and ERP) thus allowing them to conserve cash for other critical functions. Other advantages of SaaS that might lure companies are faster time-to-market and flexibility. [More]