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Get to Know The 5 Basic Payroll Errors and How to Avoid Them

Running an enterprise is never an easy affair. Several functions need to be performed to its optimum best for ensuring its sustainability and payroll is one of the key functions.The process of payroll management includes the calculation of employee wages, withholding deductions and taxes as well as maintaining records of the working hours of employees. Therefore, considering the significance of this task, you cannot afford to leave loose ends while managing payroll. Even minor mistakes in this regard can potentially cost you the faith of your workers. [More]

Performance Oriented Work Culture that Drives Business Outcomes – 3 Tips to Enable This

“Performance Driven Culture”. If this term leaves you confounded as an HR employee, then you are not alone. Scores of companies struggle to find a way to set appropriate performance indicators that help fulfill growth strategies and drive work culture. [More]

Tips to get your company HR Compliance ready

Hello to all you lovely friends and readers. We hope you are keeping yourselves safe from all kinds of monsoon ailments and problems. Great! But, are you also keeping business safe by following the HR Compliance rules and regulations. Well, in case this is new to you, then we take the pleasure of introducing Compliance to you. [More]