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How To Choose Mobile App Management Product For Secure Business Apps

Enterprise mobility solutions in India is rapidly gaining grounds in the business sector. Now both the employees and the employer can stay connected to crucial business data 24 x 7 through their mobile devices. And that is where the issue of data security rears its ugly head. While considering the security of highly confidential enterprise data, IT security professionals will have two significant options. [More]

How Mobile Apps Can Help Small Businesses

A common misconception existing in the business world is that mobile apps come in useful only for huge businesses. But the reality has a different story to narrate. The small and local businesses have equal potential to literally take off with an enterprise app developed by trustworthy mobile application development companies in Mumbai. [More]

Making your Mobile app SEO ready

Hello readers and friends. Now that you have decided to make mobile apps for your products, services, or add-on features, here is something else you need to know. It is not enough to just have a mobile app or to go mCommerce, but you need to also make it SEO ready and SEO friendly. So, today we are going to talk about making your mobile app SEO ready. Here are 7 simple and quick tips: [More]