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Difference between System Testing and Integration Testing

Software is a key success factor for many businesses across departments like Accounting and Finance, HR, R&D, Sales, and Production. However simply developing the software is not adequate. It has to be thoroughly tested for all performance metrics. Not using testing to run your development project is hardly a peril you can afford to take in today’s times of cut-throat competition. System testing and integration testing offer two very good avenues to plug in any issues and avoid mishaps post release. [More]

Essentials of Quality Assurance

QA has been relegated secondary position as one of the aspects after development work has been done. Many programmers believe that their product is far too superior for testing. But it has been proven time and again that improperly tested product launches have always resulted in catastrophic disasters for the owners, developers, and investor. Looking at the criticality of the situation from a business standpoint, QA has to be accorded a fair share of serious investment of time and efforts in order to deliver a stellar product launch. Though underappreciated, QA is crucial for any website erstwhile to its unveiling, and it is something which all the service providers should take very seriously. [More]