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Tips to get your company HR Compliance ready

Hello to all you lovely friends and readers. We hope you are keeping yourselves safe from all kinds of monsoon ailments and problems. Great! But, are you also keeping business safe by following the HR Compliance rules and regulations. Well, in case this is new to you, then we take the pleasure of introducing Compliance to you. [More]

Making your HR “Analytics enabled” from “Data Enabled”

Hello readers. Hope you are all doing well and loving the pleasant weather just as much as we are. Well then, this is the perfect time to discuss something really important. We are your well wishers, and want to see your business grow. What we share with you today is going to improve the quality of your HR department. It will help you attract great talent, recruit, and retain them effortlessly. [More]

Importance of Web Services / API for your Business applications

Dear readers and friends, are you all doing well? We hope so. And yeah, we are well too. So, today let us take a look at Web Services or API, and their importance for your business apps. [More]

Making your Mobile app SEO ready

Hello readers and friends. Now that you have decided to make mobile apps for your products, services, or add-on features, here is something else you need to know. It is not enough to just have a mobile app or to go mCommerce, but you need to also make it SEO ready and SEO friendly. So, today we are going to talk about making your mobile app SEO ready. Here are 7 simple and quick tips: [More]

Top 5 things to evaluate when choosing an HR application

Hello readers. Hope you are all doing well. Today let’s talk about something we’ll all be interested in. Let’s talk about the HR application that you require. Before we get there, let me ask you this. You have decided to opt for an HR tool or application for your business, haven’t you? Because in these times when everything has become automated and competition is intense, please do not think your business can survive wholly and only on your HR team. You need to give them all the support you can. You need to give them an HR app. [More]

Disadvantages of Social Login in Ecommerce

Hello dear readers, followers, and friends. How are you? Are you among the fortunate ones who have experienced the first showers of the season? Or, are you among those who gazing into the clouds, waiting impatiently for the monsoon to hit your city? Well, we belong to the first set of people. The first rain has come and gone, and it was such a relief to the scorching heat. That relief, however, brings us to a not-so-relieving topic, the topic of today’s post. We’re going to talk about the 5 disadvantages of social login in eCommerce. [More]

Ecommerce benefit with Social Login

Social login is a blessing to further the convenience in today’s time crunched era. It has various names, and is sometimes called social sign-in or social sign-up too. It is a simple-to-use feature, and comes handy when one wants to sign-up or login using an existing social media or networking platform like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. This helps the user save time by not compelling him/her to fill a whole new form. Doing so every single time, for every single website or platform, irritates the user and can lead to a huge loss in consumer base [More]

Cross platform Mobile applications

Dearest readers and friends. Do you remember that we recently told you about the importance of Mobility in E-commerce Business? Well, we sincerely hope most of you – eCommerce infants, toddlers, and adolescents – have starting working on your mobile apps. [More]