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Social HR- Redefining next generation HRMS System

Thanks to the tech big bang, HRMS comes with so many features, it can meet all your IT needs in one go. Today, our focus will be on Social HR. In our age and time, we all have become dependent on social media like never before, be it on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Wordpress, Tumbler, Tinder, or some other platform. In this case, having a social HR feature to the HRMS software is a blessing in disguise, isn’t it? [More]

Mobility in E-commerce Business

Internet is king. Anyone who does not believe in it, is being foolish and hind-sighted. So while the internet is ruling the world, the use of technology for your business has become completely inevitable. So then, how much are you using the latest in tech for your business? Have you gone mobile yet? If not, here’s why you must! [More]

How Cloud ERP can be beneficial for Small and Medium Business Enterprise

Cloud computing is among the most revolutionary changes in IT and ICT. Looking at the global business trends and market, an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is what the customer needs for efficient functioning and growth of companies of all sizes, including the small and mid-sized ones too. The three major ERP strategies include hosting,on-premise, and SaaS. SMEs(Small and Medium Scale Enterprises) are crucial for the growth of any economy. These companies adopt cloud based ERP systems for the efficient running of an organization. [More]

How CRM can benefit Pharma and Real Estate industry

The pharma and real estate industries include too many players and too many customers. It is close to impossible then to manage all Customer-related data and info manually. You need a smarter and more efficient way to go about it. You need CRM. So if you want to learn why the CRM is apt for these two industries, you have come to the right place. [More]

HRMS and Payroll Management Software - Managing Increments

Hi people. All well at your end? Brilliant! So is it here at ours, thanks to all you wonderful readers, well-wishers, and friends.

Today we are going to share with you about the HRMS is greater detail. Did you know that this software is also great for managing increments, writing official letters & other documents, etc.? Well yes, it is. [More]

4 Benefits of Enterprise Mobile Apps

Hello readers and friends. How have you been? Has the summer been generous to you, or is it still unbearable? Whatever be the case, we all can rejoice in the fact that the monsoon is nearly here. The monsoon truly is a blessing in many ways. [More]

Top 5 features of CRM Software

We are always so excited to bring you more blogs, information, ideas, etc. In one of our previous blogs we told you that CRM or Customer Relationship Management was invented to combine strategies, practices and technologies that a company used to first analyse customer interactions and manage this data in order to improve and enhance the organization’s relationship with all its existing customers. [More]

7 Major Benefits of e-Commerce Business for Retailers & Customers in 2015

Hello readers! If you are an entrepreneur running a retail business, do you also have your online store running hand in hand? If yes, kudos to you. You must then share your experience with friends and fellow entrepreneurs, and motivate to the “e” way. [More]

3 Tips to Increasing Customer Retention Using CRM Software

Hello and good day readers. It is always a great feeling every time you read what we have got to offer. If it wasn’t for all you wonderful people who took insight from our writings, we would have quite a few things to complain about. But thank goodness, that isn’t the case. [More]

HRMS Performance Management System - Software

Hello readers. How have you been? Did you enjoy the long weekend? We bet you did. So if you are employed and have just returned from a long holiday; one that was supposed to refresh you, but has instead tired you and made you a little lethargic, it is time to shake the laziness off. You might want to argue saying “It is okay”, “Thoda laziness to chaltahai”, etc. But, hey, do you realize that your performance is being studied and analyzed? Well, you should. [More]